Temple of the Water God

Temple of the Water God is a puzzle platformer in which the player is able to manipulate water to overcome challenges and escape the temple.

Development time: August, 2012 – April 2013.

Technical Highlights

Built a buoyancy component for puzzle elements
Implemented a dynamic AABB tree for fluid and game logic
Data driven user interface


Producer – Riley Pannkuk
Associate Producer / Lead Designer – Jonathan Chan
Technical Director – Steven George
Art Producer / Designer – Karyn McCollough 
Design / Software Engineer – Nathan Park
Character Artist / Environments – Jenalle Norgren
Environment Artist / Backgrounds – James McWhirter
Music Designer – Seth Weedin
Sound Designer – Robert Snyder
Design Consultant – Griffin Dean


DigiPen Best Sophomore Technology


totwg_screenshot_mainmenu totwg_screenshot_transformation totwg_screenshot_crabattack totwg_screenshot_shark_surfing totwg_screenshot_debugdraw