Remnants is a 3D competitive multiplayer sci-fi real-time strategy game. You control a faction a robots as they construct their fortresses and face off for survival, resources, and glory.

Development time: August, 2014 – April 2015.

Technical Highlights

Data-driven particle system with alpha composited, lit materials
Hot-reloading particle materials
Autodesk Maya button to preview models in engine, in real-time
Gameplay system


Producer / Network Programmer – Casey Benson
Tech Lead / Engine / Physics / AI – Mark Lauzon
Graphics / Art Pipeline – Konstantin Udovickij
Gameplay / Particles / Tools – Nathan Park
Gameplay / Design / Art – Zhuhuii Yap
Audio Designer – Geoffrey C. Walker
Audio Designer – Eric Delgado
Art Consultant – Tara Jaiyeola
Art Consultant – Danny Li